About DiscLocate

DiscLocate is created by disc golfers, for disc golfers. As a disc golfing family, we find losing discs is a common occurrence and getting them back, a rare one. Even with phone numbers 'Sharpied' on the undersides of discs, there is no assurance of being reunited with discs, even when they are found. Playing phone tag with "disc finders" and working out how to best return discs, has rarely met with success.

DiscLocate eliminates phone tag, having to write phone numbers and other private contact info on the undersides of discs, plus providing an easy-to-use system giving you the best chance of being reunited with your disc.

If you Find a Disc!

If you find a disc that has a "DiscLocate" code on its underside, simply enter the full url with the code. From there, you will be given the available options in order to return the lost disc. If a drop off location is available, all you have to do, is drop the disc off at that location. If no location is available, you have the option of communicating with the person who lost their disc via our anonymous messaging system. This system allows you to communicate without giving out any personal information.

If you Lose a Disc!

Register and get your own unique code, free of charge. Write the DiscLocate url and code on the underside of your disc as instructed after you register. If your disc is found, you will be immediately notified via your registered email address the minute your code is entered. Your disc will either have been dropped of at a convenient, participating drop-off location, or the finder of the disc can work out arrangements with you via our anonymous messaging system.

Free Sign Up!

Signing up to receive your own unique code is simple and free. All you need to provide is your email, zip/postal code, and a screen name of your choosing. Vanity codes are also available for a nominal fee of $3.99 a year. Vanity codes have no restrictions as long as they have not been previously reserved.

Drop-Off Locations

DiscLocate.com is a brand new initiative, so we are currently in the process of establishing drop-off locations. If you know of a business, or own a business that would qualify, please visit Become a Business Dropoff Location and fill out the form for consideration.


Drop-off locations are responsible for receiving lost discs, entering the code found on the underside of discs and storing them safely for a period of 30 days. If no contact from the disc owner has been made within 30 days, the disc becomes the property of the drop-off location, and can be resold. It is between the drop-off location and the disc owner to make alternate arrangements that surpass the 30 day period.

Why Become a Drop-Off Location?

Drop-off locations have the potential of receiving foot traffic from both the disc finder and the disc owner. They will also be featured in our Business Directory and be prominently displayed when a disc is found in a location near their establishment. In addition, they have the possibility of reselling unclaimed discs. Disc golfers will be made aware of a business they may have not visited otherwise.